The Land Rights Project

Environmental Alert (EA),  Trac Fm, and PELUM-Uganda are implementing the “Land Rights campaign” which is part of the Common Matters 2 program. The overall goal of the campaign is to, sensitize citizens to understand and respect their land rights when it comes to compulsory land acquisition and fair compensation. Help citizens to defend their land rights and be vigilant when they are challenged.’ Readmore…

The Land rights campaign will provide an alternative and open-access platform for citizens to debate pro-poor, just and human rights based legal land acquisition and compensation. Interactive radio polls, hosted on 10 radio stations throughout the country will allow citizens to participate in a structured conversation regarding the proposed act, perceptions on land disputes, corporate interests, government interference and fair land compensation

Poll Question : Will the issuance of land titles/certificates for customary, Mailo land bring development or become a source of conflict?

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Poll Results

Download : Poll results (pdf)/detailed

Poll Question : What is the major reason why people in your area do not register their land?

Poll Results

Download: Poll results (pdf)/detailed

Project Report: Land Rights in Uganda, June 2019

TracFm (Land Rights Project)