Environment and Natural Resources

Mabamba Bay Wetland System Ramsar site (Brochure)

Environment and Natural Resources Civil Society Organizations (ENR-CSO) Network Statement in respect to the Semi-Annual Performance Review (FY 2020/2021) for the Natural Resources, Environment, Climate Change, Land and Water Management Program, 25th May 2021” Presented by: Dr. Joshua Zake (Ph.D.), Executive Director of Environmental Alert,On behalf of the ENR-CSO Network Secretariat, hosted at Environmental Alert

Policy Brief: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing Resilience to Climate Change in Uganda, December 2020

Understanding budget allocation to the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) and Agriculture sectors at the National and local levels in Uganda: What are the opportunities and recommendations for advancing resilience to climate change? December 2020

Inclusion of Forestry, Forestry products and Services in Sustainable Procurement and integration into National Procurement Systems for Uganda,A policy paper, January 2021

Activity report for the Validation meeting for the reviewed NFA Guidelines for Land Allocation
for private tree planting in central forest reserves, 2017

Ministry of Water and Environment Sector Performance Review/Validation Meeting 2020. ENR-CSOs annual performance Report, 2019/20. Prepared and presented by Dr. Joshua Zake (Ph.D.), Executive Director, Environmental Alert. On behalf of the ENR-CSO Network Secretariat, 3rd September 2020.

Project Report: Land Rights in Uganda, June 2019

ENR-CSO Network to the sector Performance, 2018/19 presentation to the Ministry of Water and Environment- 11th Joint Sector. Review, 24-26th September 2019, held at Mestil Hotel, Kampala.  Prepared and presented by Mr. Asiku Micah, Executive Director, CODECA.

ENR-CSO Network–Engagements-31 July, 2019

The approval and launch of the Uganda National Forest Stewardship Standard presents great hope for advancing responsible forest management in Uganda through Forest Certification. By Dr (Ph D) Joshua Zake



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