Sustainable WASH (SusWASH) Project

1. Background

Environmental Alert (see Box 1 for further information) in partnership with Water Aid is implementing a 3-months project on Water Sanitation and Hygiene project titled Sustainable WASH (SusWASH) project. This project also supports KCCA directorates for Health, Education and Strategic Planning to include elements that strengthen the sustainability of WASH services within their current plans. It is expected that KCCA will provide technical support, with due consideration of KCCA’s mandate in providing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Service (WASH) in the community.

This project aims at applying the learning and evidence generated from the SusWASH project to support Urban WASH policy processes as well as informing sector capacity development initiatives towards sustainability of water and sanitation services. The work will be delivered in 4 months starting December 2018 to March, 2020

2. Targeted project sites and beneficiaries.

The project shall be carried out in two selected communities of Kamwokya Parish in central division and Kansanga in Makindye division, Kampala and schools of Mirembe primary school, Kansanga seed secondary School, Railway primary school, Nateete Muslim High school in Rubaga Division and Ntinda School for the deaf in Nakawa division.

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Environmental Alert (EA),  Trac Fm, and PELUM-Uganda are implementing the “Land Rights campaign” which is part of the Common Matters 2 program. The overall goal of the campaign is to, sensitize citizens to understand and respect their land rights when it comes to compulsory land acquisition and fair compensation. Help citizens to defend their land rights and be vigilant when they are challenged.’

The 6 months (Sept 2018-Feb 2019) project will use 10 local radio stations across the various sub-regions of Uganda (Central, North, Western, Eastern,…) to sensitive citizens and do surveys. The responses from these surveys will be processed and presented in an infographic format that can inform better planning of land service delivery, inform national level advocacy on budget allocation to the Ministry of Lands, and above all inform the various policy processes on land.

The specific objectives of the campaign are:

  1. To create public awareness about land rights and fair compensation;
  2. To advocate for a citizen centered approach towards land rights and policies in Uganda.

The Land rights campaign will provide an alternative and open-access platform for citizens to debate pro-poor, just and human rights based legal land acquisition and compensation. Interactive radio polls, hosted on 10 radio stations throughout the country will allow citizens to participate in a structured conversation regarding the proposed act, perceptions on land disputes, corporate interests, government interference and fair land compensation. The campaign will also cover the position of government in cases where individuals may obstruct development or infrastructural projects that could benefit the community.

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Project inception Presentation

Project Brief


Care international in Uganda is implementing “Strengthening Resilience and promoting inclusive governance program (STRENPO) for women and youth in vulnerable communities 2018-2021” project. The project is being implemented in partnership with the following partners: Environmental Alert (EA), Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment (RICE West Nile), and Joint Effort to save the environment (JESE).

With a total budget of 1,106,818,232 Ugandan shillings ($305,984) for 4 years (2018-2021), EA will facilitate institutional and coordination of the Environment and Natural Resources-Civil Society Organizations, PROLINNOVA and UFWG Networks for building consensus for joint implementation of structured engagements that contributes to climate resilience at national and local level. Details


Environmental Alert in partnership with the World Wide Fund for nature – Uganda Country Office is implementing a new project titled, ‘Increasing access to sustainable and renewable energy alternatives in the Albertine Graben.’ This is a 4 years project (2017-2020) with financial support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). Over the 4 year period, the project will have interventions implemented at national, sub-national and local levels to advance increased access to sustainable and renewable energy alternatives in the Albertine Graben. This will be through action research, targeted awareness and policy dialogues.

Project Goal

The goal of the project is, ‘Communities living in the Albertine Graben have adopted sustainable and renewable energy alternatives to reduce dependency on biomass for their energy needs.’

Project Outcomes

The project aims to achieve the goal by contributing to three outcomes. These are:

  1. Civil society in partnership with other agents of change is transforming government and private sector decisions and practices towards sustainable and renewable energy development to the benefit of women, men and youth.
  2. Government, private sector, civil society actors and local communities have adopted effective strategies and practices that support sustainable and renewable energy access in Albertine Graben.
  3. Government and private sector have put in place an enabling framework that supports increased financing/ investment for sustainable and renewable energy development.

 Targeted beneficiary groups

The target is 20 Civil society organizations and networks at national level and 3 sub-regional hubs  involved in the promotion of sustainable and renewable energy as well as addressing issues that interlinked with or rooted in poor access to sustainable, clean and affordable energy among communities.


Increasing Financing and Investments for Clean and Renewable Energy Access in Uganda; Policy and Practice Recommendations for Implementation at National and Local levels.

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UNDP WETLAND RESTORATION PROJECT – “Building Resilient Communities, Wetland Ecosystems and Associated Catchments in Uganda.”

Environmental Alert (EA) is implementing a project on behalf of the Government of Uganda carrying out an assignment to “undertake a market, livelihoods, gender and GBV analysis in 3 districts of Bushenyi, Mitooma and Shema in the South Western Uganda to identify gaps, employment needs and income streams that are resilient to climate change and map on-going initiatives”. One of the output under the assignment to environmental Alert Is to support the No-Regret interventions carried out by the wetland adjacent community groups.

During the project stakeholders’ inception meeting that was held on 14th August, 2018 at Tuzza Hotel in Bushenyi district, stakeholders from the three project districts were consulted on which groups to consider and three groups were identified from each district that are contributing to the project goal of restoring degraded wetlands

Further consultations were conducted and two groups were chosen for support with each selected beneficiary wetland user group in each district surveys were conducted through focus group discussions, from which discussion key enterprises were selected for support.

In the stakeholder’s validation meeting that was held in Sheema on the 14th September, 2018, the stakeholders agreed these key actions that is to say, Apiary, Piggery, Aquaculture, Poultry, Goat rearing, Craft and art, and mushroom growing. as the most suitable enterprises for the support.

It’s against this background that EA seek technical support to deliver on these selected Actions on No regret interventions in the three districts of Mitooma, Sheema and Bushenyi.

EA is organizing to deliver a specialized training for the identified No-Regret enterprise training needs to the two (2) selected Wetland user associations from 19th November, 2018- 8th December, 2018in the project districts of Mitooma, Sheema and Bushenyi. These trainings are part of the assignment to EA under the UNDP project; “Building Resilient Communities, Wetland Ecosystems and Associated Catchments in Uganda.” Which project aims at restoring the previously degraded wetland resources in those districts(Mitooma, Sheema and Bushenyi).

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Project brochure

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