Pro-poor REDD+projects

Under her ENR Programme, is a project titled “Towards pro-poor REDD+ (Phase II): “Promoting pro-poor REDD+ principles and rights-based approaches to strengthen the conservation, governance and sustainable management of landscapes in Uganda.” Environmental Alert is implementing this project in partnership with IUCN – Uganda Country Office and ECOTRUST Uganda.

The purpose of the project in Uganda is to integrate pro-poor principles and rights-based approaches into the National REDD+ Strategy, and other frameworks for sustainable management of forest resources in the country. The specific outcome of the project will be “A pro-poor REDD+ benefit sharing scheme that clearly incorporates multiple benefits and incentives to the poor is agreed upon, demonstrated and applied in Mt Elgon and Agoro Agu project sites”.

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Upcoming Events

On-going Activities

1. Training of Local Government staff working in the five divisions of Kampala.

2. Self selection of representatives from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPOs) to Uganda's national REDD+ steering and coordination structures and processes.