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March 5, 2019,

The inception meeting has been organized to introduce and orient the local leaders as key stakeholders in the   SusWASH…

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Remarks by Dr. Joshua Zake (PhD), Executive…


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The ongoing national wetlands policy (1995) review…


The inception meeting has been organized to introduce and orient the local leaders as key stakeholders in the   SusWASH project. The main purpose of the meeting is to:

  • To introduce the project to the local leaders;
  • To clarify on their role and support required from them during the upcoming community meetings;
  • To provide an opportunity to identify WASH challenges in their community for subsequent planning.



Remarks by Dr. Joshua Zake (PhD), Executive Director, Environmental Alert during the Community Meeting to officially handover the inputs for promotion of selected no-Regret alternative Livelihood Enterprises targeting identified communities living adjacent and within selected wetlands and associated catchments in Bushenyi, Mitooma & Sheema districts that took place on 26-28th February 2019, under the project titled “Building Resilient Communities, Wetland Ecosystems and Associated Catchments in Uganda”.


The ongoing national wetlands policy (1995) review coordinated by the Wetlands Management Department with support of Development Partners and Civil Society Organizations is a great opportunity for articulating emerging issues to come up with practical and effective strategies to save Uganda’s wetlands and healthy.

lives for the estimated 45 million Ugandans. For example alternative livelihood and income generation opportunities (such as bee keeping; Eco-tourism; livestock & poultry keeping; Fruit-tree production) in communities to reduce pressure on wetland resources. However, the policy review process should be fast tracked for implementation of interventions for wetlands, protection, conservation and sustainable use.

Besides, the process should consider compressive and effective stakeholder engagement (i.e. consultations and participation) at all levels including the wetlands adjacent communities that are organized as wetlands associations around wetlands of local, national and international importance in Uganda. This is because they interact with the wetlands resources regularly.

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On-going activities

Two (2) days National level training of project CSOs and Networks on Monitoring and Evaluation as applied for lobbying and advocacy. This training is scheduled for 1-2 July, 2019 at Eureka Place Hotel,Kampala, and will involve 23 key representatives of CSOs & Networks. However, participation is by invite. Details