Incentives to biomass production and utilization ‘’an experience from Mubende local government’’ presented by Lotet Ronald district natural resources officer- Mubende,2020

Practical incentives for advanced Sustainable biomass energy Production within forest reserves and forest landscapes in Uganda, A technical presentation by: Simon Kizito (Ph.D.). Department of Forestry, Biodiversity & Tourism, Makerere University

Private sector investment incentives for biomass production: case of NFA presented by Paul Buyerah Musamali, Director Policy and Planning,2020

Incentives for advancing sustainable Biomass energy, presented by Bakojja Richard, Biomass farmer – Mubende

Presentation by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development during the National dissemination and policy engagement workshop on identification of practical incentives for advancing sustainable Biomass Energy Production within Central Forest Reserves and Forest Landscapes in Uganda, 2020.

Advancing Sustainable Biomass Energy Production in Uganda through Practical Incentive Mechanisms,2020

Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation in the Forestry Sector in Uganda. Online Water Week: 13th-18th September, 2020, By: Zake J, Namirembe, S., Kasule D., Onapa, O. M.

Integrating Water Sanitation and Hygiene in school development plans; Experiences, lessons and recommendations based on the five schools in Kampala. Online Water Week: 13th-18th September, 2020. Sub-theme 1: Water and Environment Security for Inclusive –growth, Presented by Kizito Charles-Program officer—ENR @Environmental Alert

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