Report – Key Highlights for CBA 12 in Lilongwe, Malawi – 11-12th June 2018; by Dr. Joshua Zake (PhD), Executive Director, Environmental Alert.

This is a briefing report with key highlights for the International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA) 12 held in Malawi during the period 11-14th June 2018. The event is the 12th International Conference on CBA, which was hosted by the Government of Malawi and organized by the International Institute of Environment and Development. It brought together over 240 participants including: professionals, climate change negotiators and experts working on CBA (including both state and non-state actors) across over 45 countries to share experiences, lessons and emerging issues regarding stepping up community adaptation in their respective countries. The aim is also about how financing for climate adaptation action can reach the community level with the required technologies in place. Details

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