Validation meeting for ENR-CSOs Consolidated Mini Performance Report 2018/2019

Environmental Alert in partnership with Care International in Uganda with funding from DANIDA is implementing a project titled ‘Strengthening resilience and promoting inclusive governance for women and youth in vulnerable communities. This is a 4year project being implemented in 3 districts of Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa and Arua.  One of the key objectives of the project is for Civil society organizations and networks to have increased capacity and expand spaces for negotiation between empowered citizens and refugees and accountable duty bearers through multi-stakeholder platforms focused on resilience.

To maximize efficiency and achieve this, the ENR-CSO Network regularly undergoes a process of self-evaluation and reports on its activities, aiming to identify its strengths and weaknesses, as well as hold the government to account on its commitments. The CSOs compile their consolidated annual performance report which allows for a critical evaluation of the civil society’s contribution to the sector. This leads to the collection of information used at the annual Joint Sector Review for the water and environment sector.

Based on that, Environmental Alert, the Secretariat for the ENR-CSO network initiated the process by requesting members of the network to submit their annual institutional performance reports. The submitted reports were then compiled and consolidated into a draft ENR-CSOs performance report 2019.

It’s upon this context therefore that Environmental Alert is organizing a validation meeting for members to review and input into the draft consolidated ENRCSO Annual performance report.

The main purpose for the validation meeting is to present the draft consolidated performance report to the members of the Network for their review and input before its submission to the Ministry of Water and Environment.

Specifically, the meeting is aimed;

  1. Presenting to the members the contributions of ENR CSOs to ENR sector development during the FY2018/19;
  2. Sharing updates on the performance of the 5 MWE thematic areas with respect to the undertakings that were set for 2018/2019
  3. Agreeing on the civil society positions in light of government’s performance;
  4. Developing of recommendations for improved policy implementation and service delivery in the ENR-sub sector ahead of the JSR 2019.

The activity is scheduled for 13th September, 2019 at Imperial royal Hotel Kampala

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