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About usEnvironmental Alert (EA) was founded in 1988 and is officially registered with the NGO Board as a Ugandan non-governmental organization (NGO), incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. EA is governed by an independent Board that is responsible for providing strategic oversight of the organization including ensuring its integrity as a voluntary service organisation.

EA has/is currently working with local communities in Moyo, Adjumani and Yumbe in West Nile, Tororo in Eastern Uganda, Mubende, Wakiso and Kampala in Central Uganda, Kyenjojo in Western Uganda as well as Buliisa, Hoima, Kabarole, Masindi and Kiryandongo in the Albertine Region through linking evidence based information and micro-advocacy action to intermediary and national policy and advocacy processes.

Since 1998, the organization has emerged from addressing needs orientation to contributing to an enabling natural resources policy and practice environment, with increased and active participation and self-representation of poor and vulnerable natural resources poor men, women and youth. Within the context of its vision, Communities free of hunger and managing their natural resources sustainably,work is driven by conviction on the intrinsic link between poverty and environment and worked over the years to ensure healthy and sustained environment and natural resources (ENRs) and realization food and nutrition security among its constituents.

EA is a member of the Wetlands Advisory Committee, Agri-profocus among several other high profile technical committees, and also a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It also holds coordination responsibilities for selected thematic partnership initiatives as Secretariat of PROLINNOVA Uganda country programme, and Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources Civil Society (ENR-CSO) Network, and the Uganda Forest Working Group (UFWG) which also obligates E.A to administer the F.A.O – National Forest Programmes facility grant as a C.S.O – Government of Uganda collaborative initiative. As a secretariat to these networks therefore, EA coordinates their advocacy activities and represents them in several government fora. EA has progressively sought strategic partnerships and has grown its programme implementing partners to include coalition groups at local government levels, national level networks & coalitions as well as sub regional initiatives including the Civil Society budget advocacy group (CSBAG), Uganda Land Alliance (ULA), Uganda Poverty Conservation and Learning Group (U-PCLG), Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM), REDD+and others.

EA is also a 1st prize winner of the Energy globe award for environmental sustainability-2005 under the category, earth.

Our committed effort on addressing natural resources and livelihood concerns has enabled us to work cautiously with forestry, land, wetlands, sanitation and livelihood challenges in a mix of participatory modeling, promoting technological and social eco-innovations in sustainable Water, hygiene and sanitation services, agriculture, natural resources management that have made a difference in the livelihoods of poor communities as well as been a basis for improvements in policies and laws in Uganda.

To accomplish its mission, EA specializes in service delivery and policy advocacy for better policies and delivery of services to poor communities in both rural and urban environments. In its service delivery, EA mobilizes communities and facilitates the development of their skills, approaches and technologies for the sustainable management of their agricultural systems, natural resources and WASH facilities and services

In its advocacy work, EA employs the human rights based approach to citizen empowerment by raising public awareness about policies, rights, roles and obligations, laws and regulations and best practices in expression of community rights. EA facilitates the development of community organizations that can mobilize members for civic expression and joint actions. EA’s expertise lies in its knowledge and experiences in promoting sustainable agriculture, natural resources management, and accessibility to WASH facilities and services community mobilization and organizational development of community based organizations and NGOs, networking, policy analysis, advocacy and participatory policy development.

At the National level, EA has considerable experience in policy advocacy in the environment sector. EA directly influences Ministry of Water and Environment’s policies and programmes through its strategic membership in the two top policy making organs of the Ministry (The Environment and Natural Resources Sub-sector Working Group and the Water and Environment Sector Working Group). These two policy organs of the ministry are responsible for approving the ministry’s policies and programme, including budget allocations and monitoring of the performance of the Ministry and its agencies.

EA is well acquitted with the national and local government structures, natural resource management and water and processes and the relevant policy circles. Furthermore, EA is strategically placed not only to influence government policies but also mobilises and coordinates civil society organisations with a common voice and engagements to influence policy formulation and implementation at the national and local levels.

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