Workshop on reflection of emerging cases from the call center and how they should be dealt with

Environmental Alert (EA), PELUM  and Trac Fm are implementing the National Land Rights campaign which is part of the Common Matters II program. The overall goal of the campaign is to; sensitize citizens to understand and respect their land rights when it comes to compulsory land acquisition and fair compensation. Help citizens defend their land rights and be vigilant when they are challenged.


Several among other interventions for supporting the campaign; were the training of the call center agents on the basics of land rights to improve awareness and information dissemination on land rights as well as providing support in response to land matters  through  the professional help-line. The agents have been instrumental in providing legal support through counseling, referrals and disseminating land rights information on various aspects of the law.

Despite this initiative, the training never delivered on all the information and knowledge needs for the call center agents. Thus necessitating Environmental Alert to organize a reflection meeting with call center to improve response to emerging land cases.

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