Validation of the Capacity needs assessment report for CSOs partners, networks and working groups at national level on policy analysis and advocacy

Strengthening resilience and promoting inclusive governance for women and youth in vulnerable communities is a joint partnership program supported by Care International in Uganda. The support goes to 4 partners who contribute to different objectives given their various levels of operation.

EA and ACODE contribute to objective Number 2 which aspires to ensure that Effective national and local CSO partners and networks undertake policy analysis and advocacy on scaling up of gender transformative resilience models, for transparent and inclusive natural resource governance.

Accordingly, in a bid to promote synergies amongst the Care partners, EA and ACODE agreed in principle to co finance a study to establish the capacity needs of District Local Governments, Sub county local governments as well as the CSOs at both local and National level In relation to climate resilience.

The draft report in this respect is due for validation by selected key stakeholders from the project operational area.

Consequently, EA has organized a validation workshop to ensure that the capacity needs assessment report is validated.

Purpose of activity

To Validate the preliminary findings from the capacity needs assessment and provide concise feedback to the results.

When is the activity scheduled?

The activity is scheduled for May 29th, 2019.

Venue: Imperial royal Hotel Kampala.

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