Save Murchison falls National Park – Sign a petition

One of my greatest beliefs is that tourism is the most sustainable industries which feed our economy, even with very little government effort, interest and investment. We are reaping big in the form of government revenue through taxes, GDP figures, Foreign Exchange, job creation; with very little prioritization from the government. Imagine if we did it more deliberately?

It’s because of the thunderous falls in this park that the Government of uganda is trying to put up a Hydroelectricity Dam ! Which we as Environmentalists and Tourism lovers have decided to use all our resources and power to save this national park from destructions.



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Two (2) days National level training of project CSOs and Networks on Monitoring and Evaluation as applied for lobbying and advocacy. This training is scheduled for 1-2 July, 2019 at Eureka Place Hotel,Kampala, and will involve 23 key representatives of CSOs & Networks. However, participation is by invite. Details