Biomass Energy Supply and Demand Imbalance is a looming crisis, which needs urgent Investment. An Environmental Alert Policy Brief, November 2019.

Finance Mechanisms, Opportunities, and Constraints for Financing Private Sector Investment in Renewable Energy Access in Uganda. An Environmental Alert Policy Brief, September 2019.

Renewable Energy Webinar Report: Addressing Barriers to Clean Energy Adoption in Africa, 5th/May/2020, 9:00am East African Time


Understanding the current status, emerging issues (challenges & opportunities) for advancing Private Sector Investment in sustainable Biomass Energy Production within Central Forest Reserves and Forest Landscapes in Uganda. Environmental Alert Study Report, November 2019.

Position Paper: A Renewable Energy Civil Society Organization (RECSO) Network Memorandum/Position Paper on the Draft National Energy Policy (October 2019) with suggested Gaps and Recommendations for consideration by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

Submission Letter: To Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development

Remarks by the Country Director WWF-Uganda at the Renewable Energy Civil Society Organisations (RECSO) Network Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Unlocking Financing and Investments for Clean and Renewable Energy Access in Uganda: A Case of the Albertine Region, July 2018.

Advocacy Strategy for Renewable Energy CSOs & Networks, June 2018.

Increasing Financing and Investments for Clean and Renewable Energy Access in Uganda; Policy and Practice Recommendations for Implementation at National and Local levels, July 2018.

A Civil Society Organization and Networks Position Paper with Suggested Issues and Recommendations for consideration in the National Renewable Energy Policy (2007) Review Process, November 2017.

CSOs and Networks Position Paper on Performance in the Renewable Energy Subsector for the Financial Year 2017/2018

Renewable Energy Civil Society Organisations (RECSOs) Sector Performance Report for FY 2017/2018

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