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June 12, 2019,

One of my greatest beliefs is that tourism is the most sustainable industries which feed our economy, even with…

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World Environment Day (WED) was formally designated…


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Call for application for the Position of…


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One of my greatest beliefs is that tourism is the most sustainable industries which feed our economy, even with very little government effort, interest and investment. We are reaping big in the form of government revenue through taxes, GDP figures, Foreign Exchange, job creation; with very little prioritization from the government. Imagine if we did it more deliberately?

It’s because of the thunderous falls in this park that the Government of uganda is trying to put up a Hydroelectricity Dam ! Which we as Environmentalists and Tourism lovers have decided to use all our resources and power to save this national park from destructions.



World Environment Day (WED) was formally designated by the United Nations Environment Programme on 5 June 1972, the opening day of the first World Environment Conference in Stockholm, and the first World Environment Day was held in 1974. Since then, nearly 150 countries have been involved every year, with activities that range from raising awareness for environmental protection to encouraging action for recycling, sustainable development and consumption, fighting global warming, cleaning up pollution and many other issues. UN Environment has aided in the formulation of guidelines and treaties on issues such as the international trade in potentially harmful chemicals, trans-boundary air pollution, and contamination of international waterways.

As the world gets hotter as a result of climate change and more crowded because of the ever growing world population, our engines and industrial plants continue to pump out dirty emissions in the earth’s atmosphere, while residential biomass burning is becoming the lead contributor to disease burden in low income communities – due to lack of access to clean fuels or technologies. The very air we breathe is growing dangerously polluted – nine of out of ten people now breathe polluted air, which kills 7 million people every. According to the World Health organization (WHO), climate change could potentially increase the number of deaths from air pollution by hundreds of thousands between 2030 and 2050.

Global Theme

The World Environment Day 2019 will be celebrated globally under the theme “Air Pollution”. The theme urges governments, industry, communities, and individuals to come together to explore renewable energy, green technologies and improvement of air quality in cities and regions across the world. The Global celebrations will be hosted by China.

National theme

The national celebration will be hosted by Moroto District Local Government on Wednesday, 5th June 2019 under the National theme “Fight air pollution to Protect Human Life and the Environment”.


Details on how to Participate


  1. World Environment Day 2019 Message
  2. The Green Match Concept note

Call for application for the Position of Student Intern-Finance & Administration at Environmental Alert.

Job title: Intern-Finance & Administration Environmental Alert
Duty station:
Manager Finance & Administration

Deadline: 6th June 2019

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Strengthening resilience and promoting inclusive governance for women and youth in vulnerable communities is a joint partnership program supported by Care International in Uganda. The support goes to 4 partners who contribute to different objectives given their various levels of operation.

EA and ACODE contribute to objective Number 2 which aspires to ensure that Effective national and local CSO partners and networks undertake policy analysis and advocacy on scaling up of gender transformative resilience models, for transparent and inclusive natural resource governance.

Accordingly, in a bid to promote synergies amongst the Care partners, EA and ACODE agreed in principle to co finance a study to establish the capacity needs of District Local Governments, Sub county local governments as well as the CSOs at both local and National level In relation to climate resilience.

The draft report in this respect is due for validation by selected key stakeholders from the project operational area.

Consequently, EA has organized a validation workshop to ensure that the capacity needs assessment report is validated.

Purpose of activity

To Validate the preliminary findings from the capacity needs assessment and provide concise feedback to the results.

When is the activity scheduled?

The activity is scheduled for May 29th, 2019.

Venue: Imperial royal Hotel Kampala.

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