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February 14, 2019,

This is a briefing report with key highlights for the International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA) 12 held…

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The ongoing national wetlands policy (1995) review…


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This is a briefing report with key highlights for the International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA) 12 held in Malawi during the period 11-14th June 2018. The event is the 12th International Conference on CBA, which was hosted by the Government of Malawi and organized by the International Institute of Environment and Development. It brought together over 240 participants including: professionals, climate change negotiators and experts working on CBA (including both state and non-state actors) across over 45 countries to share experiences, lessons and emerging issues regarding stepping up community adaptation in their respective countries. The aim is also about how financing for climate adaptation action can reach the community level with the required technologies in place. Details

The ongoing national wetlands policy (1995) review coordinated by the Wetlands Management Department with support of Development Partners and Civil Society Organizations is a great opportunity for articulating emerging issues to come up with practical and effective strategies to save Uganda’s wetlands and healthy.

lives for the estimated 45 million Ugandans. For example alternative livelihood and income generation opportunities (such as bee keeping; Eco-tourism; livestock & poultry keeping; Fruit-tree production) in communities to reduce pressure on wetland resources. However, the policy review process should be fast tracked for implementation of interventions for wetlands, protection, conservation and sustainable use.

Besides, the process should consider compressive and effective stakeholder engagement (i.e. consultations and participation) at all levels including the wetlands adjacent communities that are organized as wetlands associations around wetlands of local, national and international importance in Uganda. This is because they interact with the wetlands resources regularly.

For details:- Download

Environmental Alert as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) will participate in the World Wetland Day celebrations, and will showcase environmentally friendly practices, and materials for awareness creation containing information that promotes wetlands conservation and wise use.

Environmental Alert will support active participation of representatives of community wetland adjacent user groups and association during the celebrations event. Thus, they will participate in exhibitions during which they will interact with key duty bearers to share their concerns and recommendation to advance wetlands wise use and sustainable development at the community level



Environmental Alert (EA) in partnership with Water Aid Uganda is implementing a 3-months project on Water Sanitation and Hygiene project titled Sustainable WASH (SusWASH) project. This project also supports KCCA directorates for Health, Education and Strategic Planning to include elements that strengthen the sustainability of WASH services within their current plans.

This project aims at applying the learning and evidence generated from the SusWASH project to support Urban WASH policy processes as well as informing sector capacity development initiatives towards sustainability of water and sanitation services. The project shall be carried out in two selected communities of Kamwokya Parish in central division and Kansanga in Makindye division, Kampala and schools of Mirembe primary school, Kansanga seed secondary School, Railway primary school, Nateete secondary school in Rubaga Division and Ntinda school for  the deaf in Nakawa division

Inception meeting has been organized to provide an opportunity to introduce and orient stakeholders to the project, provide clarity on goals, activities and agree on expectations from both implementers and target groups; obtain information/issues about WASH currently their areas.

It is from that background that EA with support from Water Aid Uganda is organizing Inception meetings on 31st January, 2019 at Mt. Zion Hotel Ltd; this meeting gives an opportunity to introduce the project to target stakeholders. this meeting targets community leadership from Kansnga and Kamwokya parishes, and the school leadership from the selected schools(Kampala and schools of Mirembe primary school, Kansanga seed secondary School, Railway primary school, Nateete secondary school in rubaga Division and Ntinda school for the the deaf in Nakawa division). Attendance is by invite only.

The main purpose of inception meeting is to introduce the project to key stakeholders both in the targeted 5 schools and the communities in the 2 targeted project parishes of Kansanga and Kamokya.

Specific objectives;

  1. Clarify on the roles / responsibilities of project stake holders

Get preliminary information on the WASH situation among the target schools and communities.

The meeting will be conducted in a highly interactive manner to ensure active participation of stakeholders. Additionally, power point presentations will be made during the meeting.


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School and Community Sustainable WASH (SusWASH ) Inception Meeting, on 31/01/2019, at 8:30am. Details