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September 21, 2021,

These TORs provide a guiding framework for identification of an Expert to guide and or facilitate processes which will…

Addressing the…

Addressing the Challenge of Climate Change and…



The June, July, August (JJA) period is…


Terms of…

These are Terms of reference (ToRs) for…


These TORs provide a guiding framework for identification of an Expert to guide and or facilitate processes
which will result into the development of a community bylaw targeted at promoting toilet coverage in the
community, especially among the tenants in Kansanga and Kamyokya parishes in Kampala. It presents the
scope of work; key considerations in the methodology and approach; the expected outputs, timelines and the
required qualifications and experience for the Expert.

Deadline: 28th September, 2021.


Addressing the Challenge of Climate Change and Environmental Degradation; A Case of Uganda. Prepared and presented By Dr. Joshua Zake(Ph.D.), Executive Director, Environmental Alert (EA) –as a Guest Speaker during the Virtual Meeting for the Rotary Club of Kampala Central, 28thJuly 2021.


The June, July, August (JJA) period is normally dry season over most parts of South western, Central, Lake Victoria basin and parts of Eastern region but a continuation of rainy season for northern Uganda. It usually marks the end of the first rainfall season and a harvesting season for crops in most parts of the country.

It has been observed that the major physical conditions likely to influence the weather conditions over Uganda and the rest of the countries in the Greater Horn of African region for the forecast period of June to August 2021 are:
i) The neutral state of El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) over tropical Pacific Ocean ii) The current neutral and weak negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) expected to develop for July to August period 2021
iii) The influence of regional circulation patterns, topographical features and large inland water bodies
Based on the above considerations as well as details of the climatology of Uganda and scientific tools used for climate analysis and prediction, Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has come up with the following detailed seasonal rainfall outlook for JJA 2021 as follows


These are Terms of reference (ToRs) for the required technical support towards the generation and compilation of the ENR-CSOs Consolidated Annual Mini-Performance Report. The generated report will highlight the ENR-CSOs contributions to the Environment and Natural Resources, Climate Change, lands and water management program (ECCLWM) for the 2020/2021 ahead of the annual program review for the Environment, natural resources, climate change, lands and water management (ECCLWM) for the year 2020/2021. This consolidated report will be submitted to the Ministry of Water and Environment who is the secretariat for the Program working group for consolidation.
This assignment is implemented within the framework of the project titled, ‘Strengthening Resilience and promoting inclusive governance program (STRENPO) for women and youth in vulnerable communities.’ with financial support from DANIDA through Care International in Uganda. EA contributes to objective 2 of the STRENPO project which seeks to ensure that Civil society organizations and networks have increased capacity and expand spaces for negotiation between empowered citizens and refugees and accountable duty bearers through multi-stakeholder platforms focused on resilience.
These ToRs therefore present the overall objectives of the consultancy, the suggested methodology, the expected outputs as well as the reporting format for the consultant to adhere to.

Government of Uganda has adopted the one program approach as enshrined in the National Development Plan (NDP III) that was launched in July 2020.The third National Development Plan (NDPIII) whose goal is to increase household income and improve the quality of life of Ugandans has adopted a program approach to planning, budgeting, and implementation and reporting. The program approach is meant to enable formulation of national priority development objectives and to realize these objectives through corresponding national programs formulated and implemented in a coherent, coordinated and participatory manner to ensure sustainability.
Annually the MWE organizes a Joint sector review to assess her performance against the annual undertakings and milestones. However, with a shift to the one program approach, the JSR has been transformed into the Annual program review. As in the past years, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) organized under their ENR-CSO Network will actively participate in the Annual program review 2021 just as was the case for the JSR. This is always done through a self-assessment process of their contributions to the program and an assessment of the government’s performance against the commitments that it set for itself during the ended financial year 2020/2021.

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Deadline:17th September, 2021

Seasonal Rainfall Outlook Over Uganda


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