Community led Barraza on Promoting sustainable WASH service delivery and community sensitization through community clean-ups

Environmental Alert(EA) recently conducted a consumer satisfaction survey (Scorecard report) in two parishes of Kamwokya and Kansanga the survey to assess understanding:  the status of Water, Hygiene and sanitation in Kamwokya and Kansanga parishes; community Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices around WASH, community perceptions WASH services rendered by duty bearers (Kampala Capital City Authority(KCCA), The garbage collection consortium(Nabugabo updeal, HomeKlin among others) and National Water and Sewerage company(NWSC)); and community’s level of satisfaction regarding WASH service delivery,

The study indicated that

  1. 60% of community members in these communities use water from standpipe, 5% uses rain water, 10% use vendors and 15% use spring wells which are highly contaminated.
  2. Bureaucracy involved in accessing prepaid meters at NWSC.
  3. The landlords connected to water mains are not satisfied with the water billing system as they confess of them being overcharged.
  4. Among others;

Furthermore, Environmental Alert conducted a community groups assessment and findings that were generated highlighted; the indiscrete dumping of solid waste, poor services of the garbage collectors, the unregulated opening of toilets directly into the open channels, low toilet coverage where some landlords own no toilet for their tenants, low community sensitization levels on the available laws. .

EA has engaged with community based organizations in various activities to address some of these issues which included a training in the available KCCA laws, community radio activations and training on effective advocacy and community sensitization—as a result, action plans have been generated and these included activities like community Barraza’s, dialogues on WASH and community sensitization through community clean-ups, which will provide a platform for these groups to transfer their knowledge to other community members.

The theme for the Barraza is “Promoting sustainable WASH service delivery for a healthy community”

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