Meeting to validate the RE-CSOs and Networks Consolidated Mini Performance Report 2018

Environmental Alert in partnership with WWF-UCO with financial support from NORAD are implementing the second phase of the Clean Energy Project with a goal of “Communities living in the Albertine Graben have adopted sustainable and renewable energy alternatives to reduce dependency on biomass for their energy needs”.

One of the key project outcomes is ‘Civil society in partnership with other agents of change is transforming government and private sector decisions and practices towards sustainable and renewable energy development to the benefit of women, men and youth.’ In order to achieve this, since project inception, EA has taken a lead role in coordinating CSOs &Networks in Renewable energy sub sector to actively engage in some of the government processes such as policy review process of the Renewable energy policy; where a CSOs and Networks position with recommendations has been develop and submitted to the Ministry for consideration

Against that background, EA commissioned a consultant to compile reports from CSOs and Networks in Renewable energy sub sector into a consolidated report for the FY 2017/18. The report allows for a critical evaluation of the civil society’s contribution to the sector. Results of these assessments would form a basis for engagement and provide an entry point for collaboration between MEMD and Renewable Energy Civil Society Organizations (RE-CSOs).

In this context therefore, Environmental Alert is organizing a validation meeting for members to review and input into the draft consolidated RE-CSO & Networks annual performance report FY 2017/18. The meeting will be held on 19th/10/2018 at Hotel Africana, Kampala, at 8:30am-4:00pm. Attendance is by invite.

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