Meeting to review the draft Strategic plan for The Renewable Energy CSO Network

Environmental Alert (EA) organized a national level stakeholders’ workshop in 2018, where Civil Society Organizations & networks agreed to establish the National network for civil society engaging on renewable energy called, ‘The Renewable Energy Civil Society Organizations Network as a coordination mechanism for reporting, joint & structured advocacy engagements among other interests.

The Network is currently hosted by EA and has an interim committee/ task force in place. Already there are some initiatives that have been done to move the Network forward i.e. development of the Memorandum of Principles (regulations) and the Network logo which were adopted by the committee. In addition, the secretariat recently commissioned a consultant to develop a 10 year’s Networks strategic plan.

The task force committee forms part of the governing structures for the Renewable energy CSO network; it provides oversight for the Networks activities. In order for the committee to deliver on its mandate, they are expected to regularly meet to reflect, plan and provide direction on a quarterly basis. From these structured reflections, high level decisions are made regarding the Networks operations.

In that regard, EA the Secretariat for the Renewable energy CSO network is organizing a meeting for the task force committee slated for 30th August, 2019 at Eureka place Hotel to review the network’s strategic plan as well as plan for the AGM. During the meeting, the regional hubs will also share/ give updates on their ongoing activities.

It’s against that background the EA is organizing a meeting for the task force committee to review and adopt the draft strategic plan which will later be presented for approval during the AGM.

Meeting objectives

The purpose of the meeting is to;

  1. Review the draft Strategic Plan;
  2. Sharing Network updates from the secretariat;
  3. Sharing updates from the hubs.
  4. Planning for the Network’s AGM;
  5. Discuss related strategic actions targeted at consolidating the network

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