Land Rights Campaign: Evaluation of end of call center operations

Environmental Alert (EA), PELUM  and Trac Fm are implementing the National Land Rights campaign which is part of the Common Matters II program. The overall goal of the campaign is to; sensitize citizens to understand and respect their land rights when it comes to compulsory land acquisition and fair compensation. Help citizens defend their land rights and be vigilant when they are challenged.

Several among other interventions for supporting the campaign; were the establishment of the call center to support dissemination of land rights information but also to respond to the emerging land cases from citizens through providing basic legal aid. Thus, the call center agents were identified and trained on the basics of land rights and were supported with a professional help line to aid information dissemination and response to land cases.

Till to date, the call center has recorded quiet a significant number of land cases from citizens across the country who are in dire need of legal aid services to help resolve their land challenges. Some of these land cases were resolved with success stories documented while the majority of these cases remains unresolved.

It’s within this context that Environmental Alert is planning to evaluate the call center operations in collaboration with the land rights campaign partners and selected land experts. This evaluation will inform the call center exit strategy and how deal with the pending land cases that remains unresolved.

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Two (2) days National level training of project CSOs and Networks on Monitoring and Evaluation as applied for lobbying and advocacy. This training is scheduled for 1-2 July, 2019 at Eureka Place Hotel,Kampala, and will involve 23 key representatives of CSOs & Networks. However, participation is by invite. Details