Incubation center

Environmental Alert Agri-business and Incubation Centre (EA ABIC), Kyevunze , Kikoma Parish, Katikamu Sub county, Luweero District.

1.0 Introduction

Environmental Alert acquired 10 acres of land in Kyevunze, near Wobulenzi in Luweero district. EA is to carry ground breaking activities that will lead to the establishment of the Agri-business and incubation center.

2.0 Background

Ugandan Universities and other institutions of higher learning are not sufficiently geared to meet the needs of the private sector. Graduates often cannot find gainful employment, while many small businesses lack staff with the education and skills needed to drive innovation. But also there are endless opportunities for graduates to start their own businesses through agribusiness incubation. Every year 480,000 graduates enter the job market but only about 60,000 find jobs. The theoretical knowledge imparted and lack of practical entrepreneurial and business skills remain key limiting factors. Essentially, the relationship between the demands of the private sector and what universities teach is too weak. The lack of sufficient innovative graduate entrepreneurs is attributed to the very restricted contact between university faculty and businesses that results in a misfit between the type of graduates that the universities are producing and the industry’s requirements.

Therefore, during the 30 years anniversary celebrations at Kyevunze in Luwero District, Environmental Alert will do ground breaking ceremony for establishment of an agribusiness and incubation centre to equip graduates with practical entrepreneurial and business skills. At this centre, Graduates will undergo a 12 months practical training by managing and running the enterprises at the incubation center as businesses and thereafter, they will graduate and will be expected to upscale the businesses. This will be done through strategic partnerships with Universities and colleges among others. In this respect, Environmental Alert has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Bukalasa Agricultural College to persue shared interest and goals in this respect.

3.0 Overall objectives

The Environmental Alert Agri-business and Incubation Centre at Kyevunze overall targets at enhancing the intellectual life and professional development of graduate students and the surrounding communities through practical Agri-entrepreneurship skills development in Uganda. Furthermore, the center will also support capacity building for students so that when they graduate, they have the skills to empower and transform their communities.

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