Concept note for a half day Inception meeting for the local leaders in the SusWASH project area i.e. Kamwokya and Kansanga parish

The inception meeting has been organized to introduce and orient the local leaders as key stakeholders in the   SusWASH project. The main purpose of the meeting is to:

  • To introduce the project to the local leaders;
  • To clarify on their role and support required from them during the upcoming community meetings;
  • To provide an opportunity to identify WASH challenges in their community for subsequent planning.



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On-going activities

EA with support from Water Aid Uganda is organizing and will be conducting community meetings in Kansanga and Kamwokya parishes. The meetings are aimed at collecting information about community perceptions on the sustainable WASH service delivery in the respective communities. These are scheduled for 4th -15th March, 2019. Attendance is by invite only.

Details about the project