Strategic dialogue with the key agencies on the need to increase investments for the advancement of climate resilience in Agriculture, Water and Environment sectors.

Environment Alert (EA) is implementing a project titled, “Strengthening resilience and promoting inclusive governance for women and youth in vulnerable communities” that aims at ensuring that Civil Society Organizations and Networks have increased capacity and expand spaces for negotiation between empowered citizens and refugees and accountable duty bearers through multi-stakeholder platforms focused on resilience.

In a bid to ensure that CSO Networks have adequate capacity to effectively influence budget allocations to the ENR and Agricultural sectors; EA conducted a study in 2020 to understand the budgetary trends, basis for allocations as well as identifying the existing gaps within the budgeting processes within the Agricultural and Environment and natural resources sectors. The main purpose of this action was to fully understand the available options for advancing resilience to climate change within the two sectors.

The final study report and associated policy brief highlighted a number of recommendations that require attention from the mandated agencies and other duty bearers. It further emphasizes the fact that for Uganda to attain her vision 2040 aspirations of delivering Uganda to a middle-income status country, financing of these two sectors need to be stepped up. Apparently, the findings provide good grounds for CSO advocacy, policy influencing and engagements with the key stakeholders.

It’s against this background that EA conducted a strategic engagement with responsible power holders (Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE), Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), National Planning Authority (NPA)/ Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources (PCNR), Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change (PCCC), Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture (PCA)) to bring to their attention the implication of the current budgetary trends to ENR and the Agriculture sectors and how this undermines the efforts towards increasing climate resilience for the vulnerable groups i.e. women and youth

The dialogue was held at Hotel Africana on 11th May 2021 and was attended by 40 participants (10 women and 30 men). These included Members of Parliament (specifically members of the Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change), representatives from respective Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Civil Society, and Private Sector.

Objectives of the dialogue

To dialogue with the key agencies on the need to increase investments for the advancement of climate resilience in the agriculture and the Water and Environment sectors

Report: Understanding budget allocation to the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) and Agriculture sectors at the National and local levels in Uganda: What are the opportunities and recommendations for advancing resilience to climate change? December 2020

Policy Brief: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing Resilience to Climate Change in Uganda, December, 2020



Deadline:17th September, 2021

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