Cooking Should Not Kill

Cooking Should Not Kill–Why there is urgent need to tackle deadly Indoor Pollution!,

For as long as I could recall, my mother had always used firewood to cook the family meals. It was the only choice of domestic energy we had ever known. For as long as I could remember, she diligently ensured that there was sufficient firewood in the kitchen to keep the fires burning. She inhaled and endured the smoke. Then one day in 2012 she fell sick. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors inquired as to whether she was a smoker after they discovered that her lungs were literally charred with smoke. But my mother had never smoked a cigarette in her life. It turned out, that the cause of her cancer was due to years of inhaling kitchen smoke in order to put a cooked meal on our table. Download


By David K. Nkwanga, Nature Palace Foundation. Nov 2020

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