Biomass Energy Supply and Demand Imbalance is a looming crisis, which needs urgent Investment. An Environmental Alert Policy Brief, November 2019.

The Management of Environment Alert is greatly thanked for mobilizing and coordinating the Renewable Energy
CSO network for discussion on the biomass energy concerns which provided valuable information. Special thanks go
to Dr. Joshua Zake (Ph.D.), the Executive Director, Environment Alert who guided the study and provided relevant
documents and information; and Ms Rachael Nalule the Programme officer for ensuring the logistics for the
assignment were effectively arranged.

Environmental Alert2 highly appreciate the effort and support of all those who made this study and the preparation of this report a success. Special thanks go to the staff of Ministries of Energy and Mineral Development, Water and
Environment, the National Forestry Authority and District Local Governments who provided the core information on the biomass energy sub-sector. The information from Development partners, CSOs and private sector players was
indispensable for understanding the general status of biomass energy in the country as key informants. They are
specially appreciated for their valuable time, willingness and openness to discuss without reservations


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