Call for articles and case studies for documentation and publication for purposes of enhancing visibility of critical issues in the renewable energy sub-sector in Uganda.

As you may be aware, one of the strategic plan aspirations for the RECSO Network is to enhance visibility of the
renewable energy sub-sector key pressing issues in spaces of decision making, policy formulation and
implementation at different level for advancement of Universal clean energy access in Uganda. This is clearly
stipulated in the 10 years RECSO network strategic plan and one of the strategies to effectively deliver this is
through continuous and regular targeted documentations, publication and dissemination of these issues through
print media, popular magazines, social media and journal articles among others. In this context therefore, on
behalf of the RECSO Network, the RECSO Network Secretariat is calling for RECSO Network members and
Renewable Energy sub-sector actors to submit draft articles/case studies for documentation and
subsequent publication.

The articles/case studies should focus on critical issues in the renewable energy sub-sector with clear targeted
practical policy and practice recommendations based on evidence through pilots/demonstrations, action research
and policy engagements at local, community, sub-regional, national and international levels.

Please submit the draft articles by 27th July 2020.


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