Why Encroachers should vacate the Lakes’ Territories!

Over the years, Nature has been calling for protection but many people have been ignoring it and some have been defending the activities that are being carried out to destroy nature. However, recent disasters have showed that nature is likely to be retaliating and reclaiming its territories. For the last few months, the country has witnessed rising water levels in lakes such as Victoria, Kyoga, and Wamala which have disrupted businesses, destroyed property and displaced thousands of people living and working by its shores both in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The advancing waters washed clear the lake shores and the victims were the fishermen and other communities who depend on the lakes and associated activities for survival of over 10,000 people have been displaced since February 2020 when water inundated the dry lake shores according to the Office of the Prime Minister.

Around Lake Victoria, settlements have been affected with many hotels, beaches and individual houses already flooded. Some of the establishments submerged include Serena-Kigo Hotel, Speke Resort Hotel Munyonyo, Hotel Protea Entebbe, Gaba Beach, K.K Beach, Miami Beach, and several other beaches, markets, Gaba water works, jetties, among others. At the same time, some roads such as Entebbe road were recently cut off by the surging Lake Victoria waters. Essential facilities such as drinking water and sanitation systems, health facilities, among others have been affected. This has increased the risk of infestation of water borne and water related disease incidences such as cholera, dysentery, malaria, and bilharzia in the affected communities. The bulging water level also caused dislodgement of papyrus mats from encroached shorelines resulting into huge mass of floating Islands which are dangerous to hydropower infrastructure. A case in point was observed on 14th April, 2020 when the mass docked at Owen Falls Dam choking turbines and resulting into a temporary National power blackout. Details

By Jolly Kayiita,

Program Assistant,

Environmental Alert.


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