Hold a meeting involving members of the RE CSO Network to review the draft CSO position on the Energy policy for submission to MEMD

Environmental Alert in partnership with WWF-UCO with financial support from NORAD are Implementing a project tiled “Increasing access to sustainable and renewable energy alternatives in the Albertine Graben to conserve high value forest ecosystems to benefit people and nature in Uganda“. The project is all about strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations and networks to advocate and drive change towards sustainable and renewable energy access.

One of the projects is ‘WWF and project CSOs have provided policy recommendations to government on revision of energy policies.’

In order to achieve that, Enironmental Alert undertook the review of zero draft  Energy policy. The overall purpose was to check whether the draft policy clearly identified and discussed all the key issues in the sector and whether the suggested strategies are effective.

Specifically, the review aimed at:

  1. Identifying the gaps in the draft energy policy;
  2. Proposing suggestions and recommendations for consideration by Ministry of energy and mineral Development in the revised draft Energy policy.

These were synthesized and compiled into a draft CSO position paper to be submitted to Ministry of energy and mineral Development for consideration in the revised policy.

In order to disseminate the findings, EA has organized a validation meeting involving members of the Renewable Energy CSO Network to review the draft CSO position on the Energy policy for submission to MEMD.

The validation meeting is aimed at increasing CSOs participation in the review so as to generate more feasible recommendations with a unified mind and understanding.

The objective of the meeting is for the Renewable energy CSO Network members to validate, agree and prioritize the issues and recommendations before submission to the MEMD for consideration into the ongoing policy review process.

The activity is scheduled for 1st November, 2019 at a venue yet to be identified.

AGM for 2020

Announcement: Environmental Alert ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR THE YEAR 2O20 shall be held at 10.00am on 25th August 2020 at the Environmental Alert Offices, Kabalagala.


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