Community Led talk show on Hygiene and Sanitation

EA in partnership with Water Aid is implementing project on Water Sanitation and Hygiene project titled Sustainable WASH (SusWASH) project. This project also supports KCCA directorates for Health, Education and Strategic Planning to include elements that strengthen the sustainability of WASH services within their current plans.

This project focuses on two main areas:

  1. Strengthening of School WASH structures including SMCs to support sustainability and ensure that WASH services are inclusive especially for women and girls;
  2. Capacities strengthening of school WASH structures through tailor-made trainings on sustainability of service provision. At the community level, through mobilizing community members and local leaders to spearhead the scale-up of improved sanitation facilities through targeted behavior change campaigns and dialogues.

Recently EA conducted a scoping exercise of community advocacy groups and local institutions to assess their level of advocacy engagement, their level of enforcement and challenges of compliance among others. The findings were validated and some issues were allotted various platforms from which dialogue can be encouraged between the rights holder and the duty bearers, one of which is the radio community talk show and leveraging on its wider coverage it is easy to widely spread information regarding sanitation in these informal settlements.

It is on this note that Environmental Alert is planning to conduct a community led radio talk show to discuss issues concerning clean water proper sanitation a Hygiene this activity also builds into the Global Hand washing day celebrated under the theme Clean Hands “Clean Hands for all” an aspect of proper hygiene. Furthermore this activity contributes to one of the project objectives i.e. “To increase sanitation coverage in informal settlements”.

The objectives of the meeting are:

  1. To increase awareness on hygiene and sanitation practices such as hand washing with soap and water after visiting the toilets and the 3Rs for waste management a better way to a clean society/community.
  2. To solicit the wider response from the community members concerning sanitation and proper hygiene

To have an interaction between the duty bearers and the right holders.

The activity is planned to take place on 15th October, 2019 in Kansanga Parish at a venue yet to be identified.

AGM for 2020

Announcement: Environmental Alert ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR THE YEAR 2O20 shall be held at 10.00am on 25th August 2020 at the Environmental Alert Offices, Kabalagala.


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