Validation of ENR CSO 10 year Strategic plan

EA is a secretariat for the ENRCSO whose Strategic plan is under review to give way to a new 10 year   one that shall guide the ENRCSO Network operations. The SP is expected to highlight interventions, implementation strategies, schedule, modalities and requirements, budget as well as a framework for monitoring the outputs and impacts or outcomes of this Strategic Plan.

This will contribute towards achievement of the networks aspirations in respect to the vision, mission and strategic objectives and also serve as a tool for resource mobilization..

Currently the draft SP document has been submitted and is up for review and this has prompted EA to organise for a validation workshop to allow for a critical review  well as  appraise the final SP document.

The activity is scheduled for July 17th 2019.

AGM for 2020

Announcement: Environmental Alert ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR THE YEAR 2O20 shall be held at 10.00am on 25th August 2020 at the Environmental Alert Offices, Kabalagala.


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