7 Day Climate Change Challenge

7 day climate change challenge is an activity funded by the Embassy of Sweden. The activity is in line with the theme for our Nordic National Day that shall be “Universally addressing climate change for a more sustainable future”.

The purpose of this activity is to raise awareness with the general public on actions that individuals can do on a daily basis to protect our environment and combat climate change. Three sub areas have been pre-selected which include:

  1. Eating sustainably
  2. Moving sustainably
  3. Living sustainably

These three areas more or less cover the actions that individuals can do to improve the environment that we live in. Some of the ideas that have been raised include:

  • Walking or riding a bike to work as opposed to driving
  • Carpooling
  • Eating organically grown food that is locally produced
  • Opting for vegetarian options (meat has been proven to have a higher carbon footprint)
  • Teleconference meetings rather than travel
  • Recycling waste or composting
  • Plating trees/plants
  • Etc

The public is encouraged to take on their chosen task for the 7 Days, and post your activities on their social media platforms and use the hashtag #7DayChallengeUganda. A team of camera people shall also follow on one or two of the days to document your activity for a video that shall be produced and shared afterwards. This will help us to share your activities and start a discussion around this important issue in Uganda.

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