1st national Agro-Ecology Actors Symposium (NAAS) in Uganda

1st national Agro-Ecology Actors Symposium (NAAS) in Uganda

Theme: “Advancing multi stakeholder responsiveness towards scaling-up of agroecology in Uganda”.

Date: 30th to 31st May 2019.

Venue: Silver Spring Hotel, Bugolobi, Kampala.

Organiser: Pelum Uganda.


Global agriculture is challenged by a combination of climate change, biodiversity loss, and the growing demand for food, feed, fibre and energy1 required to meet the needs of a population currently estimated at 7.4 billion and growing at a rate of 1.13% per year on static natural resources. Conventional agriculture has been appreciated for increasing yields which is necessary to feed a growing population, though this increase has come at a high cost to the environment which in turn threatens the sustainability of these gains. Conventional agriculture is a major driver of environmental degradation and climate change, contributing between 19% and 29% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Details

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Two (2) days National level training of project CSOs and Networks on Monitoring and Evaluation as applied for lobbying and advocacy. This training is scheduled for 1-2 July, 2019 at Eureka Place Hotel,Kampala, and will involve 23 key representatives of CSOs & Networks. However, participation is by invite. Details